Top Ten YouTube Channels for Learning Mandarin Chinese

YouTube is packed full of great content for learn Mandarin Chinese. You can find the video lessons cover a wide range of subjects and they are totally free.

(Update: DigMandarin has also collected many high-quality videos from YouTube to save your time, check the free video lessons . )

learn Chinese youtube#1: Mike – Learning Chinese can be pretty dull at times, but Mike’s casual, cheeky presentation method makes his “class” (in his garage) really enjoyable. His experience as a teacher in Chicago gives him the background needed to present material in a structured, coherent manner. He covers the basics, from Pinyin to different grammar rules.

2#2: YangYang – Based in the U.S. but of Chinese descent, YangYang consistently delivers high-quality Chinese learning videos. With professional presentations, effective teaching methods and concise explanations, Yangyang does a great job of teaching Mandarin. She covers topics such as grammar, Pinyin, and important Chinese basics. Finding really high quality Chinese learning videos online is always tough, but Yangyang is right up there with the best of them. You can also find more her video lessons on

3#3: Off the Great Wall – If you want to know more about China & Asia, then don`t miss the Off the Great Wall channel. They present educational training in a very funny way and their main broadcasting languages are English, Mandarin and Cantonese. The hosts, Dan and Carmen, create specific scenes to show the characteristics of Chinese people from their perspective. Fluent English makes them easy to understand and their humorous acting is outstanding. They show some word trends, discuss the latest hot news, compare different types of Chinese, act out the unique Chinese culture, and more. This is a great source for learning more about China.

4#4: TouchChinese – Maybe you need a native professional tutor to guide you in learning this language. If so, TouchChinese is a good choice. It’s an online Chinese school and they also supply teaching videos. Various teachers teach you different Chinese expressions and knowledge in real life. They also have their TouchChinese Classroom sessions, which are also very useful, though their English is not standard. However, you will be learning standard Chinese, and that’s enough, right?

5#5: Peggy is from Taiwan and she has a bubbly, energetic style. She often creates interesting stories around her topics to make the learning experience more fun for the students.

6#6: Benny, a native Chinese teacher, calls himself “the most popular Mandarin teacher in the world.” Wow, this guy seems very confident! AskBenny is quite popular on YouTube as a male language teacher. He includes Pinyin and English translation with his videos. Every video is short, but you can still benefit from it.

7#7: SexyMandarin– If you want to learn Chinese through some alternative videos, then “SexyMandarin” is the way to go. You’ll either love or hate these videos: they are extreme and sometimes kind of creepy! In these videos, there are hot models who teach you a word or concept.

8#8: Learn Chinese Now – Chinese speakers always feel that the easiest language is Chinese. Maybe a foreigner could understand your learning process better. “Learn Chinese Now” is this kind of Chinese learning channel. Ben, the main host, shows you various situations to explain an idiom, an interesting phrase and some other language knowledge. There are also different guest hosts on this channel who will walk you through essential Chinese.

9#9: ChineseClass101 – Do you want to learn Chinese in three minutes? ChineseClass101 supplies various Chinese learning videos, and one of them is about how to learn Chinese in three minutes. There are several basic simple sentences that the teacher, Ma Yanru, explains in detail. They also have special vocabulary learning videos. It’s a very simple way to learn; different pictures are showed, along with their pronunciation, making it a good resource for kids to learn new words. Their travel videos are very useful as well, and they give you a tour of some places and include survival skills.

10#10: Chinese Corner – Most of the Chinese teaching videos on YouTube are private recording lessons, however Chinese Corner is produced by Chinese official media platform CCTV. As Chinese biggest public media platform, there are series of professional and well-organized Chinese videos, including Travel in China, Happy Chinese, Growing up with Chinese and Real Chinese. Travel in China is hosted by 大山 (Mark Rowswell), a very famous Canadian in China ,and he can speak super fluent Chinese. Growing up with Chinese is hosted by 爱华 (Charlotte MacInnis)from America. Most of the teaching videos are played in TV-play style. You can get trained in listening, speaking and Chinese culture except Chinese characters.


Benjamin is a language and culture enthusiast. He has been learning Mandarin Chinese more than 6 years. He lived in Shanghai, HongKong and Singapore.

  • Stanley Yang

    not sure if you can learn chinese here but got alot of mandarin songs with subtitles

  • Johnny Harang

    Thanks Benjamin! I checked out all the channels on your list – some don’t upload many videos but others are very good like yoyo. Another one I found that is very helpful for students learning Chinese is LearnHowToChinese – it looks like she started her channel after you made your list but she seems to be adding new videos frequently, so she’s kept my attention. I look forward to your updated list in the future!

  • psd

    they all seem to have lots of English and little Chinese. :( … frustrating

  • James

    Another good channel kids on Youtube is Chinese Buddy. My son loves the songs, they sing them all the time in his primary school.