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English Idioms with Chinese Origins

Have you ever wondered where idioms come from? Well, being one of the oldest civilizations on our planet today, it is no surprise that the source of many English sayings is China! The Mandarin word for idiom is 成语 and…

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Teaching English in China – Guidance

For the last two years, I’ve been a fellow for Teach for China (美丽中国) in Guangdong, China where I taught 1st – 5th graders English and Music. China is too big to be summarized by the word “China”. This is…

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5 Useful Tips for Travel in China

Hey readers, first of all: 你们国庆节玩得好吗?All this October travelling reminds me of how one year ago, I was a clueless Indian guy struggling my way through the unintelligible plains of China. It’s even crazier that I was armed with such…

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Modern Chinese Review

Founded in 1997, BetterChinese is reknowned for the great work it has done in bringing Chinese to all age groups. 1400 schools have already adopted its various products. Modern Chinese is a product from BetterChinese targeted at college students, and…

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Ten Nuggets of Wisdom from Confucius

Confucius is one of history’s most phenomenal men. Even now, anyone familiar with China can easily see that many of his teachings and philosophies remain deeply welded in the fabric of the culture. Today, we will explore some of the…

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