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In exchange for the valuable content you will be providing to our readers, you will receive excellent brand exposure, establish yourself as an industry leader, and open yourself up to numerous opportunities to increase your bottom line.

We are always searching for fresh, original articles about learning Mandarin Chinese. Being featured in an article posted on is a great way to share your message with people seeking solutions to their Chinese language-learning needs. There are several other ways you can contribute, too (see the “What to Contribute?” section).

Why Contribute?

1. Share your learning experiences, skills, and more with a large, international audience. You can more fully engage with the community of Chinese learners and spread your ideas across the world via The more articles you contribute, the better known you will become, and you will gain influence with site visitors. By sharing your knowledge with others, you have the potential to earn the status of an expert in the field and be seen as a leader.


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2. Have experience to add to your resume. Employers and customers alike feel more secure knowing that you have invested your time and talents in contributing to the community as a whole. A stronger resume is the key to expanding your career, whether you seek employment within a company, own your own business, or freelance for various clients. Essentially, contributing will help you in making a name for yourself.

3. Increase traffic to your website or Facebook page. Particularly if you contribute on a regular basis, readers will come to know you and will naturally wish to learn more about you. This is an excellent opportunity to promote yourself and the work that you do. As one of the most popular Chinese language-learning blogs, our contributors enjoy tremendous exposure.

4. Have fun! It’s very fulfilling to be part of a group of contributors who share their experiences with one another. You will find a home at, where you can network with others, expand your own knowledge of the industry, and enjoy yourself as you do so.

What to Contribute?

There are a variety of things you may contribute at We would love to hear about your learning and teaching experiences, any special learning tips or tricks, or anything else related to Mandarin Chinese that you would like to share. You may report your local Mandarin Chinese activities (such as study groups that are seeking new members, etc.); review Mandarin websites, schools, and services; and even test Mandarin learning products such as apps, online or offline classes, games, books, etc.

Get Started!

Now that you know what type of contributions we are seeking and what benefits you will receive as a result, contact us (Email: ) to become a contributor! We are seeking excellent writers who are passionate about learning and/or teaching Mandarin Chinese. In particular, we have several core topics we spotlight from time to time, which you can find out more about by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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