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Recommended Chinese Characters Books

Finding the right Chinese Characters book can be difficult. There are so many different options, and it can be hard to tell at a glance if a certain book will have the right approach for you. This article covers several…

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Chinese Characters – How do they work?

Any student of Mandarin Chinese can agree that at the start of your learning, memorizing characters is a daunting task! Modern dictionaries will have in excess of 50,000 characters where approximately 21,000 of those characters are in contemporary usage. As…

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How to Type in Chinese

Many foreigners are often confused with how the Chinese people type out Chinese characters on their cellphones or computers. Chinese, after all, is not composed of letters like the English or Spanish alphabet; Chinese is constructed in pictographs composed of…

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Chinese Characters: to Challenge or to avoid?

Chinese characters are complex and difficult to handle for beginners.  Many educators choose to avoid them and teach pinyin instead. However, pinyin is only an auxiliary tool for denoting the pronunciations of the characters. It is not the Chinese language…

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