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How to Choose Your very Own Chinese Name

One of the first things that might surprise you when you meet a Chinese native speaker for the first time is that the name they use to introduce themselves to you may not sound very Chinese at all! Perhaps you’ve…

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Learning Chinese as an Adult VS as a Child

When I first came to China, I knew all of two words, “nǐ hǎo” (你好, “hello”), and “xièxie” (谢谢, “thanks”). It took me over three years to get from there to a level of proficiency where I was confident enough…

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8 Tips to Guide You Bargaining in China

One of the many things China is famous for is the many different types of markets all over the country. From gorgeous silk scarves and fashionable clothes, to designer bags and glasses, anything you want to buy can probably be…

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10 Chinese Travel Superstitions

In the immortal words of Hans Christian Andersen, "to travel is to live." But the question then becomes, where do you live when you travel? A hotel? A hostel?? A yurt??? Accommodations are a huge part of traveling, and it’s…

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