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The summary of “在……呢” Sentence in Chinese


“在……呢” sentence indicates the action in progress. The structure:

Subject + 在 + verb + 呢


看电影。(Tā zài kàn diànyǐng ne.)

She is watching movie.

吃饭。(Wǒ zài chīfàn ne.)

I`m having a meal.

做什么?(Nǐ zài zuò shénme ne?)

What are you doing?


The form of “在……呢” sentence should be negated by “没” and “呢” can be omitted.

The negation form of “在……呢” sentence:


没在看电影。(Tā méi zài kàn diànyǐng ne.)

She is not watching movie.

没在吃饭。(Wǒ méi zài chīfàn.)

I`m not having a meal.

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