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The Summary of Yes/No Questions in Chinese


吗(ma)and 呢(ne)are most commonly used general question (also called yes or no question) particles in Chinese.

A declarative sentence can be changed into a yes-no question by adding the question particle “吗” at the end of it.


你好。(Nǐ hǎo.) à 你好吗?(Nǐ hǎo ma?)

你忙。(Nǐ máng.)à 你忙吗?(Nǐ máng ma?)

他喝水。(Tā hē shuǐ.) à 他喝水吗?(Tā hē shuǐ ma?)

呢 is mostly used to turn statements into queries (among other things). It`s used to ask the situation mentioned previously, which indicates “How about……?” ”What about……?”.


我很好,你呢?(Wǒ hěn hǎo, nǐ ne?)

I`m very good, and you?

你的书在这儿,我的呢?(Nǐ de shū zài zhèr, wǒ de ne?)

Your books are here, what about mine?

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