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How to use “and” in Chinese

No matter which textbooks you use to learn Chinese, the word “and-和(hé)” is always one of the first few words that you learned. It’s not a difficult word, so even a beginner level learner can use “苹果和香蕉(píngguǒ hé xiāngjiāo)” –…

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Describe Action with “得(de)”

In English, when you want to describe an action, you can simply use an adverb. For example, I run quickly. I get up early. Unfortunately, though, using this “verb + adverb” structure in Chinese is much more complicated. Today, we…

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Specific Guide of Ordering Food in Chinese

I remember the first time I ordered Subway in America because I was so lost and embarrassed. I never learnt all these words in my English class and didn’t know how to order a sandwich. This experience makes me think…

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Investment Words in Chinese

(Foreword: There is a photo getting hot on internet these days which shoots a Chinese sold banana boy starting to trade stocks. I don`t know if he`s really good at it or all of this just indicates the market is…

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The Chinese Way to Use ‘make’

When I learnt English, ‘make’ was a verb, which always confused me. For me, there are too many meanings of ‘make’ and some of them are quite different in Chinese. So today let’s look at the usages of ‘make’ in…

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