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All about the New HSK 7-9 Test

Finally, the New HSK 7-9 test is coming! As the advanced Chinese levels, the new HSK 7-9 bands get a lot of attention since its standards were released. Now, the first global formal HSK 7-9 test will be held on November 26, 2022. Note that there is one HSK exam for Bands 7-9 of the advanced level. The testee’s level will be determined by their score.

More about the NEW HSK 3.0’s details and changes.

Where to register for and take the HSK 7-9 test?

There are three main forms of the exam: a paper-based test, an internet-based test at the test center, and an internet-based test at home. But for the first Nov. 26, 2022 global test, there are only two forms, an internet-based test at the test center and an internet-based test at home. You can choose the one provided in your country or area.

Where to register:

Registration deadline for the first global exam: Nov. 12, 2022 (China time)

Test fee payment: Pay online if you will take the test in the Chinese mainland; Contact your test site and pay there if you are in other areas of the world.

Registration Process:

  1. Choose Test Center
  2. Fill out personal information
  3. Upload your information
  4. Confirm Registration
  5. Registration confirmed by officials 

Who can participate in the HSK 7-9 test?

The advanced level of the new HSK, from Band 7 to Band 9, is designed for advanced Chinese learners, including those who major in Chinese language and literature, those who study in China for their master’s and doctoral degrees, sinologists, as well as those who need to use Chinese in their work and research. 


  • Registering across countries is NOT allowed.
  • Those who have taken the May 15, 2022, test exam of HSK 7-9, CAN NOT take this test on November 26, 2022.

The New HSK 7-9 test structure and content

Test Section

Test Content

Test Type



(30 mins)

Part 1

Including news reports, business negotiations, debates, interviews, speeches, lectures, documentaries, conference talks, etc.

Right or Wrong


(10 objective)

40 items

Part 2

Choose or fill in the correct answer


(9 objective + 3 subjective)

Part 3

Choose or fill in the correct answer


(15 objective + 3 subjective)


(60 mins)

Part 1

Including news reports, popular science articles, investigation reports, academic literature, Chinese culture, general situations, etc.

Choose the correct answers


(28 objective)

47 items

Part 2

Put the content in order

(5 objective)

Part 3

Answer brief questions


(14 subjective)


(55 mins)

Part 1

Describe and analyze charts. Express and demonstrate your own perspective and opinions based on the given topics. 


(200 words)


(1 subjective)

2 items

Part 2


(600 words)

(1 subjective)


(41 mins)

Part 1

Translate or interpret different genres of materials in foreign languages into Chinese, such as expository essays, narrative essays, arguments, etc.


(2 subjective)

2 items

Part 2


(2 subjective)

2 items

Oral Test

(24 mins)

Part 1

Retell or express your own perspectives or opinions based on the given essays, including practical essays, narrative essays, and argumentative essays.

Read and speak

(1 subjective)

5 items

Part 2

Answer questions based on the given materials

(3 subjective)

Part 3

Express perspectives and opinions

(1 subjective)

In Total




67 objectives + 31 subjective


Download New HSK 7-9 Vocabulary

When to take the HSK 7-9 test? The test schedules

The first formal HSK 7-9 test will be held on November 26, 2022. The test taker should enter the test site one hour ahead of time.

Morning (local time)


Test section 


Test time (local time) 




9:00 – 9:30 



9:30 – 10:30

10 mins break




10:40 – 11:35

Translation (written)


11:35 – 12:10

Afternoon (local time)


Test section 


Test time (local time)


Translation (spoken) & Oral test

口译 & 口语

14:00 – 14:30

Note about the Translation Section:

For the first test (Nov. 26, 2022), the translation part must be translated from other languages into Chinese. The translation materials are provided in five languages, which are English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Test takers must choose one language when registering for the exam.

What should I know about the HSK 7-9 test?

Computer requirements:

  1. Please install Windows (7/10) operating system and Google Chrome. DO NOT use Mac (Apple)
  2. Suggested screen resolution ≥ 1440 * 900 (Less than 1366 * 768 is NOT allowed) Windows 10 displays 100%
  3. Must have a camera (≥ 300,000 Pixels)
  4. Mobile devices are NOT allowed (including cellphones, tablets, etc.)

Required headset

  1. Plug-in headset is necessary (Bluetooth headsets are NOT allowed)
  2. Make sure your headset is clear and of good quality. Make sure your microphone has good acoustics
  3. When taking the Listening and Oral test sections, please wear your headset

Internet requirements

The upload and download symmetrical bandwidth should be ≥20M, and the connection speed for the test taker must reach 150KB/s or above. Proxy mode or VPNs cannot be used. Please test the network speed yourself in advance, and if it meets the standard when tested more than three times, it qualifies.

For more details about the HSK 7-9 test requirements, you can download here.

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