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The Many Uses of “Hand” in Chinese

If we say someone is clever and deft, we mean he or she is quick-witted and nimble-fingered and it is called “心灵手巧” (xīn ling shǒu qiǎo) in Chinese. “手” (shǒu)(hand)is important in working or doing other things. And in Chinese,…

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Meat is Not Always Meat in China

Do you like eating meat, such as beef, pork, and mutton? In Chinese, meat is called “ròu” (肉). Beef is “niú ròu” (牛肉), pork is “zhū ròu” (猪肉), and mutton is “yáng ròu” (羊肉). So you see, you can put…

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Top 10 New Chinese Words Using in English

Recently, you may always found some new Chinese words quoted by Western media. These words usually have no English equivalents, and are essential for understanding Chinese-specific phenomena. 1. Dama The Wall Street Journal recently coined the term dama (big mother),…

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