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Full Chinese Character Strokes List

A lot of Chinese learners may think that Chinese characters just look like a bunch of lines and squares that makes no sense to them. For most beginners, writing Chinese characters is more like drawing rather than writing. But, if…

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The Tone Changes Rules of “一”

1. 一 is pronounced as the 1st tone “yī” when it’s by itself, it works as a number, it is put at the end of the word, phrase or sentence. e.g. 一 (yī) 唯一 (wéi  yī) the one and only…

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The Tone Changes Rules of “不”

1. 不 is a 4th tone syllable by itself. 不 (bù) 2. The tone doesn’t change when 不 is followed by a 1st tone, 2nd tone or 3rd tone syllable. e.g. 不 + 1st Tone 不吃 (bù chī) 不 +…

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