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Getting Started with Dig Mandarin

If you’re new to Dig Mandarin, this page is for you! It contains information you need to get up to speed quickly on your Chinese learning adventure.

1. Featured Topics:

2. Online Courses

Dig Mandarin offers various Chinese language courses on our Courses Channel. The Courses Channel is an online learning marketplace, where numerous learners can take courses in all aspects of leaning Chinese. All courses are taught by professional Chinese instructors and/or offered by Chinese schools.

Also, we have developed a complete, Step-By-Step System, help you grow from zero to Intermediate level. Learn more…

3. How to follow us

Once you have made full use of the resources on our site, we may even ask you to become a contributor and help other people who were once at your level. There is nothing to lose when learning a different language, especially one as complex as Chinese, and you will certainly be wiser and more refined because of what you have learned.

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