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Getting Started with DigMandarin

If you’re new to DigMandarin, this page is for you! It contains information you need to get up to speed quickly on your Chinese learning adventure.

Free Tutorials

Here you will find links to our most important learning materials.




Chinese Culture:


Structured Courses

DigMandarin courses are developed and taught by certified teachers with years of experience. You can decide which particular skills you want to focus on and find suitable learning materials. We offer multiple courses for improving your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. We also understand that each student learns Chinese under different circumstances and in different ways. So, we have produced courses in such a way that you can find a suitable DigMandarin path for your needs.

If you are enrolled in a Chinese course, have a Chinese tutor, or have some learning materials you already follow, and you want to find a great option to add structure into your independent study routine, or want to rapidly build a solid foundation of Chinese language or are preparing for the HSK tests, you can try our Chinese Essential Package.
In case you don’t have a specific book or a course you follow, and your learning routine lacks structure, then we recommend choosing our comprehensive courses, the “Chinese Made Simple Course” series, to help organize it. If you would like to use the most popular textbook , we suggest our New Practical Chinese Reader series.
Are you already a few years into learning Mandarin, have at least solid basic Chinese skills, and understand which aspects of your language proficiency need improvement? If yes, congrats! Browse our course channel and choose from a variety of courses to find those that best suit your needs.
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