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Mandarin is One of the 3 or 5 Languages You Should Learn

Mandarin is one of the 3 languages our new generation of entrepreneurs should learn, says who? Says Forbes Times! While in UK, British Council has put Mandarin in the top five most important languages for Britain’s future prosperity, security and influence.


It’s not hard to understand why with the rising economic prominence of China, and the potential of reaching out to the world’s largest middle class residing in China. Learning Mandarin Chinese is undeniably a rising trend in the West.


Starting as early as kindergarten, more and more schools are introducing for the first time Mandarin Chinese into their curriculum. With Spanish being currently the most popular secondary language in English speaking countries, Mandarin Chinese certainly grown in popularity to uptake its position. It is said that Barack Obama’s own daughter, Sasha is already learning Chinese in school. In the business world, we are seeing more prominent world figures speaking Mandarin under the spotlight. An easy example is Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg who vowed to learn Mandarin back in 2010. Last year, he debuted his first public Chinese speech in Beijing TsingHua University for over 30 mins, discussing about Chinese internet users and Facebook’s potential future in China.



Moreover, Mandarin is proven to be one of the most desirable language skills in the job market nowadays. For example in UK, there is 1% of the adult population who speak Mandarin to a level that allows them to conduct a basic conversation. Being fluent in Mandarin is such a competitive edge you could thrive with in order to work international or understand a different culture.


So far, you might wonder if it’s time for you to pick up this language. However, here comes a piece of advice – Mandarin is not that easy to just “pick up”. Every time when someone approaches our school to ask if it’s easy to be fluent in Chinese, we always compare the whole learning process as “going to the gym”. If you want that toned body or muscle mass, you have to commit to it, and take training seriously. Same for language training, the only difference is the human interaction / communication that brings fun and confidence towards the goal of becoming fluent. That’s why joining a dynamic speaking class is very important to set your learning methods right. Even if you are doing self-study, make sure you practice with native speakers or other learners to bring the use of language to live.

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Vivien Mo

Vivien is the founder of a London based school – Practical Mandarin, she and a team of Chinese teachers are enthusiastic in training professionals and companies to speak Chinese effectively.

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