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One on One with TutorMing

At DigMandarin, we have interviewed and reported on many great Chinese learning resources including Chinese learning video, APP, blog, schools and etc. We also talked a lot about online mandarin Chinese lessons. One of our contributors, Benjamin even wrote 9 tips to help learners choose online lesson. Today, our interview will focus on one of many online Chinese training schools, TutorMing. Their advertisement easily drew my attention, as their spokesman is Yao Ming who is very famous in sports world. The celebrity effect has distinguished the company from the competition. Recently, they updated their website with clean and user friendly interface. We talked with TutorMing`s Director of Marketing, Eric Cheung, to learn more about this Chinese learning school. Let’s take a look at what he had to say.

One on One Interview with TutorMing:

DigMandarin (DM): Who is TutorMing? Can you introduce TutorMing to us?

Eric: TutorMing is a live online service for learning Mandarin Chinese; it was founded in 2008 to meet the demand of Chinese learners everywhere. Using our proprietary technology, platform, and materials, we teach live on the Internet with our certified Chinese consultants, allowing clients to learn anytime and anywhere.


DM: You emphasized TutorMing is a high-tech education company. Why is it?

Eric: TutorMing has developed all of its technology in-house. We are one of the first asynchronous Chinese learning platforms out there. We never stop investing in R&D to provide increasingly better user and learner experience.


DM: Can you tell us more about your class?

Eric: Yes – our classes are conducted live with Chinese consultants. Class sizes are typically 1-3 people per class. We use proprietary technology, platform, and materials for teaching. All of our consultants are required to have verified stable Internet connection.


DM: Could you please illustrate the booking process to us?

Eric: Our booking process is easy. Clients just need to log in here and select a time for class. The beauty of our platform over other ways of tutoring is that clients don’t have to spend time negotiating an appointment time that works for both the client and the consultant. We offer classes anytime of the week. This is particularly useful for parents who want to save time as they juggle other daily tasks.


DM: The payment is one of the things learners care most. It seems there is no tuition fee information on your site. Why? Can you tell our audiences the cost?

Eric: Classes are typically around $20 each. The duration of the learning process starts at one year. We believe commitment to learning is very important.


DM: What advantages does your team have? What are your strengths compared to the other online Chinese schools?

Eric: One of the key differentiators is definitely our customer protection service. We are always there to help. We want to provide the best learning experience possible. The other differentiator is our proprietary DCGS (Dynamic Course Generation System), which dynamically matches clients with materials and consultants of the right level and interest.


DM: What is the biggest challenge as an online Chinese school?

Eric: One of the biggest challenges in online Chinese schools is that learners have yet to discover all the benefits and flexibility that they can provide. With a live learning model like ours, clients can save a lot of time and effort in searching for the right teacher and right schedule. The whole point of online Chinese school is to help solve logistic problems, and we are good at that.


DM: Can you share your future plan with us? I hear that there is a TutorGlass, what is it?

Eric: Going forward, TutorMing will continue to invest in the platform and seek to make the learning experience more ubiquitous. TutorGlass is a technology we are developing based on Google Glass. The idea is to allow clients see what the consultants are seeing, creating a completely different learning perspective. Aside from that, TutorMing has a number of new features and resources in the pipeline for learners.


After the interview with Eric, we decided to take a look at TutorMing ourselves and see what it had to offer. With our interview with Eric and our experience with the online school, here is how we viewed it.


A Brief Review about TutorMing


  • Funded by the famous Chinese company, Alibaba, the whole TutorGroup is reliable, as well as the Chinese branch TutorMing.
  • Technology based system. TutorMing use their patented Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS), which will make real-time adjustments to courses based on your self-assessment, consultants’ evaluations, and other relevant parameters. Their IT team will support the tech things better.
  • Small size (1-3) class makes sure there is enough time for you to communicate with tutor.
  • According to their consultant list, it seems the tutors are very professional and you can learn both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.
  • All their teaching materials are made by their tutors and updated all the time from K12 to Business Chinese.
  • Privacy protection. If you are shy and don`t want to get pressure from tutor, then the one-way webcam system is made for you. You can see the tutor, but he/she can`t see you.
  • It`s extremely flexible around refund. All reasons are fully considered.



  • The package you book will valid for just one year and there are no minimum participation requirements. Self-discipline is necessary.
  • Be careful about the penalty of cancel. You must cancel or reschedule the booked class 4 hours prior to class to avoid penalty.
  • As it`s all automatic booking process, you may not learn with the same tutor each class.
  • The privacy protection feature does not allow consultants to see the students, so consultants rely on verbal cues, and no visual cues, in teaching.
  • Other online classes are between $12 – $25 dollars each on average. TutorMing`s classes are typically around $20 each. It`s located in medium high.


As the E-learning industry expands vastly, it is hard to choose which one would be the best option. Many of us have tried various online learning resources and there are numerous Chinese schools that you may like to know about. Please tell us what and which ones you want to know about. We will be happy to interview or review their products and give our impressions about the company/services.


Also, if you have tried TutorMing before or had great or bad service with other companies, please comment below and share your experience with us. If you have any question about TutorMing’s service, feel free to ask and comment below! Good Luck with your studies!

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Jing Cao is the chief-editor and co-founder of DigMandarin. She has a master's degree in Chinese Linguistics and Language Aquisition and has taught thousands of students for the past years. She devotes herself to the education career of making Chinese learning easier throughout the world.

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  1. I am an online Chinese tutor from China. One of my students studied at tutorming but quit later, because he said scheduling classes was a little difficult. I think this is what needs to be improved by the “hi-tech”.

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