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Recommended Business Chinese Textbooks For Different Levels

Top business Chinese textbooks can help you improve your Chinese for specific business. Let’s see which one is best suitable for you.

Beginner Level:

Startup Business Chinese [Level 1] – 《新世纪商用汉语初级会话》

Textbook - Startup Business Chinese level 1In this series there’s both a level 1 and a level 2 book. In each book you’ll find 12 units. There are two lessons in each unit with 24 lessons total in the book. Each lesson contains a dialogue with Pinyin. The lessons have learning objectives at the start and then the following:

• Chinese dialogue
• Pinyin dialogue
• Vocabulary and sentence patterns
• Culture points
• Additional vocabulary

You won’t find any traditional Chinese character dialogue. The book features simplified Chinese dialogue and has a focus on speaking. You’ll learn basic conversations for business such as greeting, how to say goodbye, the exchange of name cards, how to introduce the address, how to introduce yourself, how to ask the location of your clients, type of your corporation, how to make an appointment by call, introducing the product, inviting clients for dinner, arranging entertainment for after work, how to get a taxi, asking where to buy a gift, expressing your appreciation, and how to say goodbye. If you are the company boss, the book will meet basic demands. Make sure you buy the workbook if you feel you won’t have enough time for the textbook or just want to learn things on your own. The workbook will allow you to practice things on your own. You don’t need to know Chinese to use the book as there’s Pinyin in each sentence of the exercises that you do.  Check on Amazon

Business Chinese Conversation [Elementary]-《经贸汉语初级口语》

business Chinese textbook - Business Chinese Conversation ElementaryThere’s 6 volumes in this book series with 2 for elementary, 2 for intermediate, and 2 for advanced students. With each lessons you get a two page long conversation and after the text there are notes, exercises, and new words. You’ll need to know Chinese characters as there’s no Pinyin for the exercises, notes, and sentences. You’ll get a lot of knowledge out of these books and they are perfect for the Chinese major student that wants to get into trade and economy. If you don’t want to learn Chinese characters or learn at a slower pace, you won’t want to use these books. Check on Amazon

Intermediate Level:

Startup Business Chinese [level 2] – 《新世纪商用汉语初级会话》

Textbook - Startup Business Chinese level 2One you finish Startup Business Chinese you can use this book. You can also use this book if you have studied Chinese for over 35 hours and only need work on business speaking. This book is a good selection for that. Check on Amazon

Business Chinese Conversation [Intermediate]-《经贸汉语中级口语》

Textbook - Business Chinese Conversation IntermediateIf you’re a Chinese student and concentrating on trade and economy this book is for you. In the book you’ll learn price negotiation, professional vocabulary, commissions, and discounts as well as management, and credit risk management as well as other topics. Check on Amazon

Shang Wu Han Yu Jin Qiao Hui Hua – 《商务汉语金桥—中级会话》

Shang Wu Han Yu Jin Qiao Hui HuaFor intermediate students this book has 24 lessons included. Only the new words and the text have Pinyin so you need an understanding of Chinese you can finish the exercises after the text. In each lessons you’ll have two to four conversations. You’ll learn things such as picking up a business partner, introducing each other, talking about the traffic jam you’re in, production quotations, asking where the coffee shop is, depositing money in a bank, applying for a vacation, collecting parcels at the post office, calling the general manager, paying a cashier, how to sign contacts successfully, arranging a schedule, booking rooms, getting tickets how to check into a hotel, entertaining your guests, budgeting, sales, warehouse issues, the business scope and so on. In essence you’ll learn everything you need to work with a buinesss in Chinese.

If you’re a senior executive then this book is going to help you. You will find it meets your needs quite well and it has all the conversations that you need to use when you communicate with colleagues and your business partners.

Advanced Level:

Advanced Business Chinese – 《商务汉语提高》

Advanced Business ChineseIf you’re an advanced student but don’t know Chinese characters then this book is for you. There’s three parts in the book including social activities office work, and business. You’ll learn how to invite people to a social gathering as well as how to attend a work meeting. You’ll learn how to act when you receive a gift, how to work with dinner parties and forge friendships..

In the second part of the book you’ll learn how to process documents, make appointments, arrange a schedule, assign tasks, and how to call everyone for a meeting. In the last part of the book you’ll learn how to describe the form, demonstrate your products, promote your products, ask customers for comments about your goods, getting quotes on prices, asking about delivery date, talking about business risks, making reports and other information. If you work for an import and export company or are going to a trade fair then this is the book to get.

Business Chinese Conversation [Advanced] – 《经贸汉语高级口语》

Businese Chinese Textbooks - Business Chinese Conversation AdvancedIf you are really interested in Chinese business culture, you know your business partner well, and you have a lot of time, then this is the book for you. You can choose to learn the topics addressed in this book, including: economy and culture, businessmen and scholars, the cultural commodity market, cultural brokers, time-honored brand culture, brand and trademark culture, diet and diet culture, the “scholar’s four jewels” culture, and so on. Check on Amazon

If you know any other great business Chinese textbook, just please leave your comment.

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  1. This has helped me in more ways than I can describe!! Thank you so much for putting this post up and recommending different books for different levels. Now I can help my Chinese for business students in peace. Appreciate you

  2. HI.

    I want to find this textbook:
    Shang Wu Han Yu Jin Qiao Hui Hua – 《商务汉语金桥—中级会话》

    But unfortunately I can’t find on Amazon. Could you help me where I can order it?

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