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8 Tips to Guide You Bargaining in China

One of the many things China is famous for is the many different types of markets all over the country. From gorgeous silk scarves and fashionable clothes, to designer bags and glasses, anything you want to buy can probably be…

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10 Chinese Travel Superstitions

In the immortal words of Hans Christian Andersen, "to travel is to live." But the question then becomes, where do you live when you travel? A hotel? A hostel?? A yurt??? Accommodations are a huge part of traveling, and it’s…

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Snacking in Beijing

So, let’s go ahead and assume you need a snack. Not a meal, just a small snack. We’re also going to assume that you’re in Beijing, which we have previously (and rightly) called the best city ever. You have a…

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12 Chinese Proverbs About Work

This time, we are going to study 12 Chinese proverbs about Work. The Chinese people have accumulated many vivid proverbs that are thought-provoking and which reflect the attitude and point-of-view of the Chinese towards work. May they inspire and stimulate…

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10 Chinese Proverbs About Friendship

There is an old saying in Burma that goes: “Friendship, knowledge and food are the three most valuable things in the world.” This saying reminds us of how important friends are in life. Just as with the Burmese culture, the…

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10 Chinese Proverbs about Life

The wisdom of Chinese traditional culture doesn’t only reflect on the material civilization. The spiritual civilization is also splendid. Inventions and creations change our life and make miracles, and through these practice, the working people of previous generations obtain a…

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