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Learn Chinese Relative Addresses in an Easy Way –relatives in my family

son daughter

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Father 爸爸 bà bɑ
Mother 妈妈 mā mɑ
Older brother 哥哥 ɡēɡe
Younger brother 弟弟 dì di
Wife of younger brother 弟妹 dì mèi
Wife of older brother 嫂子 sǎo zi
Older sister 姐姐 jiě jie
Husband of older sister 姐夫 jiě fu
Younger sister 妹妹 mèi mei
Husband of younger sister 妹夫 mèi fu
Nephew of my brother 侄子 zhí zi
Niece of my brother 侄女 zhí nǚ
Son 儿子 ér zi
Daughter 女儿 nǚér
Son’s wife 儿媳 ér xí
Daughter’s husband 女婿 nǚ xù
Nephew of my sister 外甥 wài shenɡ
Niece of my sister 外甥女 wài shenɡ nǚ
Grandson on the son’s side 孙子 sūn zi
Granddaughter on the son’s side 孙女 sūn nǚ
Grandson on the daughter’s side 外孙 wài sūn
Granddaughter on the daughter’s side 外孙女 wài sūn nǚ

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