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Everyday Animal Related Slangs and Buzzwords in Chinese

In everyday Chinese conversations, animal-related slang expressions are indispensable. They show up frequently and are widely known among Chinese people nowadays. These words and phrases not only enrich the language but also reflect Chinese people’s feelings and values. So, slang…

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All About Chinese Prefixes and Suffixes

In this article, we are going to take a look at a very practical part of vocabulary-prefixes and suffixes. You might find it a little bit odd because prefixes and suffixes sound like an English concept. However, it does appear…

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How to Address People Properly You Meet in China

I bet “老师”( lǎoshī), “先生”( xiānsheng), “女士”( nǚshì) or “小姐”( xiǎojiě) are familiar to all Chinese language learners, because you have most likely used these terms in introductory courses; these are the common honorifics to address people in China with…

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The Words and Structures to Express “Sometimes” in Chinese

Early in their studies, almost all Chinese learners are taught“有时候”(yǒu shíhou), which means “Sometimes”. However, when you go deeper into learning Chinese, you’ll find that it cannot be used in all cases. Besides “有时候”, there are other words for “Sometimes”…

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