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how do i use in Chinese_l

In English, certain words can have many different applications, depending on their use in a sentence or the meaning the speaker wants to convey. For example, the English word “hand” can be used in a sentence to indicate a positive skill (“He can fix any machine; he’s very handy”) or a negative assessment (“That was a very underhanded action on your part; I had no idea you could be so dishonest”).

Similarly, the Chinese word for “hand” (手, shŏu) can be used to indicate a method of writing (写作手法, xiě zuò shǒu fǎ) or the act of breaking up with your girlfriend (分手, fēn shǒu).

In the links below, you’ll find many examples (some with videos) of how to use a variety of common Chinese words and expressions in many different ways.

Lastly, there are many words in Chinese that have no direct English equivalents. Some, like关系 (guān xì) have been around for years; others, like给力 (gěi lì) are very new. Here are ten words for you to learn:

10 Popular Chinese Words with no English Equivalents

The Explosion of Popular New Chinese Words on the Internet

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