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The Secret To Pronounce Perfect [ü] & Its Spelling Rules in Exception

The Pronunciation:

[ü] is one of the basic five finals, which doesn’t exist in English and many other foreign languages.

The key to pronouncing the vowel [ü]:

First, try to pronounce the pinyin final [i] or “ee” in English word “bee”, and then gradually round and tighten your lips in an “O” shape. Make it faster! Combine these sounds together. The vowel [ü] will naturally come out.

The Spelling Rules in Exception:

When the final [ü] or a final beginning with [ü] meet the initials “j”, “q” or “x”, the two dots above [ü] should be omitted and written as [u]. But the pronunciation in spoken keeps the original [ü].


Spoken pronunciation Written form
j + ü ju
q + ü qu
x + ü xu
j + üe jue
q + üe que
x + üe xue
j + üan juan
q + üan quan
x + üan xuan
j + ün jun
q + ün qun
x + ün xun

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