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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 2

#6 基友


基友 is a trending slang term that refers to gay men or relationships. 基is from the “g” from “gay”. Most recently, it has also been used to refer jokingly to close (straight) male friends, as well as video game partners.
e.g Those two always play sports and games together. A real bromance!

(tāmenliǎ zǒngshì zàiyīqǐ dǎqiú ,yóuxì 。zhēnshì hǎojīyǒu!)

#7 交朋友


交朋友 means ” to make friends”. If you want to close relationship with each other, you can try to mention this phrase.

e.g  Let`s make friends!

(wǒmen jiāo gè péngyou ba !)

#8 好久不见


Long time no see. Have not seen for a long time. Typical Chinese greeting.

e.g   Long time no see. How have you been?

       (hǎojiǔbújiàn ,nǐ guò dé hǎo ma ?)

#9 纠结


纠结 is one of the most popular oral Chinese sayings recently. Originally, it means many plants have wound together and are impossible to separate. So now it means we do not know how to solve the problem and can`t make a decision.

e.g  Tell him don`t hesitate any more!

       (gàosù tā bié jiūjié le!)

#10 (不)靠谱


(不)靠谱 means (un)reliable/(un)trustworthy. It`s a very humorous saying.

e.g     Dear, you are too reliable!


         (qīnàide,nǐ tài kàopǔ le !)

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