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One on One with TutorMing

At DigMandarin, we have interviewed and reported on many great Chinese learning resources including Chinese learning video, APP, blog, schools and etc. We also talked a lot about online mandarin Chinese lessons. One of our contributors, Benjamin even wrote 9…

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The Doorknob Theory of Chinese

A few years back, Nicholas Kristof wrote a New York Times column about the Peace Corps that might have gone unnoticed—as much as a Nicholas Kristof column can go unnoticed—if he hadn't mentioned doorknobs. Kristof called it his "one-word language…

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Modern Chinese Review

Founded in 1997, BetterChinese is reknowned for the great work it has done in bringing Chinese to all age groups. 1400 schools have already adopted its various products. Modern Chinese is a product from BetterChinese targeted at college students, and…

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